Wednesday, September 29, 2010



This is my first time to express my self in writing. I decided to create this blog as a preparation for my incoming English Proficiency exam. It's really difficult to do something you are not used to. So this is how it goes.

College days- our class is divided into four groups. This group would be our team mates during our presentation and hospital duties. At first, we are not that close. We hated some and liked some.  From a group of 12 persons, we are subdivided into other group. Some form alliances.

As days go by, we eventually like each other.. We had learned to care and protect each other as a real group. We learned to play as a team. We started to build our friendship to the next level. Did we have dispute? arguments?.. Yes, we did.. But, during crisis, if we have unresolved issues, we decided to talk about it. We would form a circle and discuss things and settle our indifferences. Give and take, forgive and forget...That's what I liked about our team. We developed the ability to accept our mistakes and apologized for it. We even became protective with each other. If we had night duties or we we have to go home late, the guys would usually make sure of our safety first. We even busted a guard who stole my group mate's phone.

Our team became solid.. In class, we became competitive.. No one can bit us.But even though in some cases we fall, we stand again and lift our spirit up. Other groups really envy us. THAT's the mighty GROUP 58, bumangga sira!!

Graduation day-The group 58 team made a promise that we will all be part of something GREAT. We graduated with the best hopes for the future....

Board Exam- We took the licensure exam and we all passed. No one failed. Now, we are all RN.

Journey to success- The first one who left the country is the bubbly one, she went to United Kingdom. Then the positive thinker went next, she went to Canada.Our sassy girl will go to Canada too in November. After them, who will be next. 

Hope that even though we are apart,  thousand, thousand, thousand of miles apart, the friendship that we had build in the past will remain the same..